We are in the field of catering to the needs of veterinary clinic, Animal Husbandry Department, Stud farms, Cattle Breeding Farms and Poultry farms etc. since 1977. We offer a plethora of Sterilizing Equipments, Hospital Utensils, Medical Equipment, Operation Theater Equipment and Hospital Furniture For varied applications.

CVS 1 Artificial Insemination Sterility Section  
CVS 2 Castration Pliers  
CVS 3 Animal Identification  
CVS 4 Veterinary Syringes  
CVS 5 General Veterinary Instruments  
CVS 6 General Surgical Instruments  
CVS 7 Obstetrical & Gynecological Instruments  
CVS 8 Post Mortem Instruments  
CVS 9 Bovine Section  
CVS 10 Equine Section  
CVS 11 Canine & Ovine Section  
CVS 12 Frozen Semen Artificial Insemination Equipments  
CVS 13 Teat Instrument Set  
CVS 14 Mastitis Detector  
CVS 15 Estrous Detector  
CVS 16 Pregnancy Detector pregnancy-detector.html  
CVS 18 X-Ray Machine  
CVS 19 Metal Detectors  
CVS 21 Sheep Shearing