Surgical products

A Surgical Instrument is a specially designed tool or device for performing specific actions of carrying out desired effects during a surgery or operation, such as modifying biological tissue, or to provide access or viewing it. Along time, many different kinds of surgical instruments and tools have been invented, some of them of a more general character, others designed for a specific type of surgery.

CVS 23 Disecting Forceps  
CVS 24 Scalpels & Bistouries  
CVS 25 Scissors  
CVS 26 General Surgical Instruments (Stainless Steel)  
CVS 27 Needle Holding & Suturing Instruments  
CVS 28 Bone Instruments  
CVS 29 Plaster Cutting Instruments  
CVS 30 Amputation & Post Mortem Instruments  
CVS 31 General Instruments & Sterilizers Forcep  
CVS 32 Midwifery Instruments  
CVS 33 Magnifying Glass  
CVS 34 Lab Coat, Gloves & Apron  
CVS 35 Thermometers  
CVS 36    
CVS 37 Stethoscopes  
CVS 38 Sphygmomanometers