CVS 292 This state the art instrument unfailingly detects sub-clinical mastitis in is earliest, visually undetectable stage. It is a valuble and trustworthy aid to maintain a healthy herd and higher quality milk production.

The mastitis detector's sensors detect and analyse minute changes in the electrical resistance of the cow's milk Quality milk never fails the test wheress milk from a quarter with undetected mastitis will.

Using this detector is as simple as filling the measurement cup with a few squirts of milk, pressing the switch and taking the reading.

The large number display allows for the results to be read easily even in poor lighting conditins. The instrument is not only waterproof but sufficiently durable to resist even the most hostile milking are as and conditions. In addititon, the detector has no moving parts nor does it require any chemicals inthe testing procedure.

Three models are avilable depending on-the-needs demanded by the various user groups:
  • The standard detector used for quick on-the-spot testing.
  • A detector with temperature compensation(from 40°C to 5°C).
  • A detector with a memory function which allows the storing of all four quarter readings when teating large herds and recording of these results becomes a problem.