Veterinary Products

Anesthisia Machine

CVS AM-600V Portable Anaesthesia Machine( circle and compact ) have full anaesthesia function, especially it is very small and portable. Inside it, there is a compact and built-in CO2 circle absorber system. The tidal volume is from 20ml to 1500ml, which can be used for patients of more than 3kgs. It can be used widely at moving cars, dental hospitals, clinics, etc which space is small limited.
CVS 683 Vet Anesthesia Machine
Compact structure with small volume; Uphandle- easy carrying
Build-in CO2 absorber: with observing window for monitor soda lime situation, easy to remove and replace soda lime
Double O2 and N2O flowmeter: precise and adjust oxygen concentration in proportion ( O2 concentration is not lower than 25%)
There are 4 base cushions under the unit, it could be put on any level place, eg. table, trolley.
Ventilation method:closed, semi-closed,semi-open
Tidal volume( Manual Mode):20ml-1500ml
Work pressure:0.3---0.4Mpa
Flowmeter: O2: 0.1---10 L/min N2O: 0.1---10 L/min
APL valve:0.5---6.0Kpa
O2 Flush:30-60L/min
Packing in carton, with sizes: 786 x 281 x 437 mm
Equipping with one Crius 210 Vaporizer
Net weight: 16.2 kgs, Gross weight: 18.2 kgs