Veterinary Products


CVS 202 Pregnancy Detector For Dog
CVS 203   Whelping forcep s.s  9",12",
CVS 204   Overictomy hook snoks's or cavault s.s.  
CVS 205   Aural forcep
CVS 206   Long Throat Forcep s.s.
CVS 207   Eye Speculum
CVS 208   Dog catheter or bitch catheter Metal  
CVS 209   Dog catheter or bitch catheter Plastic  
CVS 210   Nipper for Dogs Claws s.s.  
CVS 211   Docking puppies tail scissors s.s.  
CVS 212   Mouth gag gray's dog.
CVS 213   Autoscope set of speculum Complete with battery
CVS 214   Trocar & canula. Metal handle
CVS 215   Lambing and Farrowing forcep C.P.  
CVS 216   Foot root shear (Hoof trimmers.)
CVS 217   Syringe all Glass.     Size 2cc, 5cc, 10cc  
CVS 218   Syringe Nylon.      Size 5cc, 10cc, 20cc  
CVS 219   Syringe Disposable Pkt of 100pcs
Size 2cc, 5cc, 10cc
CVS 220   Veterinary Thermometer Clinical.

CVS 221   20. Surgeon Gloves Latex ,Sterilized, Non-Sterilized  
CVS 222   Apron Cotton  
CVS 223   Operation Table for Dog and Small Animals (s.s Top)  
CVS 224   Operation Table for Dog and Small Animals (Painted Top)  
CVS 225   Instrument and Dressing Trolley (s.s top) with railing.
CVS 226   I.V Stand.

CVS 227   Artery Forcep Straight / Curved.

CVS 228   Scissors Dressing Straight / Curved.

CVS 229   Dissecting Forcep Plain s.s

CVS 230   Dissecting Forcep Teeth s.s

CVS 231   Dressing Forcep.  
CVS 232   Cheatle forcep s.s  
CVS 233   Revolving Stool (s.s Top).

CVS 234   Spong Holder s.s  
CVS 235   Babcock Forcep s.s  
CVS 236   Dressing Probe s.s  
CVS 237   Director exploring Needle and Probe Combine.  
CVS 238   Mayo’s Scissor Straight / Curved  
CVS 239   Abcess Knife Veterinary s.s  
CVS 240   40. Needle Holder. s.s Size 6", 8"  
CVS 241   41. Needle Suturing Pkt of 6pcs. Straight / curved  
CVS 242   Suture Thread.  
CVS 243   B.P Knife Handle s.s Size 3no, 4no,

CVS 244   B.P Blade assorted No.s for above Handles.

CVS 245   Ointment Spatula s.s.  
CVS 246   Towel Clip Cross Action s.s  
CVS 247   Face Mask Disposable. Pkt of 100pcs.

CVS 248   Stethoscope with Bell & Diaphragm.  
CVS 249   Cabinet Instrument  
CVS 250   Oxygen Cylinder with Trolley, Pressure gauge & Mask.  
CVS 251   Suction Apparatus Complete.
Manual, Electric

CVS 252   Electrocautery Apparatus.  
CVS 253   Electrical Fumigator.

CVS 254   Scalp Vein Set. No. 22,23,24  
CVS 255   Silk Thread  
CVS 256   Cotton 500grms.