Veterinary Products


Frozen Semen A.I. Kit complete with all necessary A.I. Articles.
CVS 257   Artificial insemination guns:
    (i) For French Medium Straw (with clip locking)
    (ii) For Mini straws.
    (iii) Universal A.I Gun to be used for Medium / Mini straw (with clip locking)
CVS 258   Sheaths for a.i. Guns :
    A). For use with A.I. Gun French Medium Design.
    B). For use with A.I. Gun mini.
    C). For use with A.I Gun Universal Type
CVS 259   A.I. Gun Container :
    A). To hold one A.I. Gun.
    B). Replacement Stopper.
CVS 260   Sheath Container:  
    A). To hold 50 Sheaths.
    B). Replacement Stopper.
CVS 261   Thermos for Thawing with Dial Thermometer.
CVS 262   Straws Cutting Scissor s.s.
CVS 263   Straw Cutter - Plastic
CVS 264   Straw Holding Forceps s.s.  
CVS 265   Soap Strips.
CVS 266   Insemination gloves:
    Disposable - 5 Finger Type (ISI Design)
    Shoulder length. In Poly pack
    In a Box pack
CVS 267   Obstetric Full Sleeve Gloves (Latex)  
CVS 268   Freezing racks:  
    A. To hold 50 French Medium Straws.  
    B. To hold 10 Mini straws  
    C. To hold 50 Mini Straws  
CVS 269   Semen collection vials:  
    Plastic 1.5 c.c / 2 c.c / 5 c.c  
CVS 270   Goblet Holder.  
CVS 271   Goblet lifting Forcep  
CVS 272   Liquid Nitrogen Measuring Stick (Dip Stick) Plastic non Folding.  
CVS 273   Thaw Monitor
CVS 274   Thawing Unit.
CVS 275   Vaccine Carrier.
CVS 276   Liquid Nitrogen Container.  
CVS 278  
Thermometer (Pocket Type)