Veterinary Product

Metal Detectors

Metal Detectors are capable of detecting both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. They are easy to operate and do not require any adjustment. A loud beep is emitted on detection of metal. They are highly sensitive and consume very little batteries power thus providing several days of operation on one overnight charge of batteries through the special battery charges provided.
Deep Search Metal & Mine Detector
CVS 7095 Highly sensitive, light weight and simple to operate
Search probe is mounted on aluminum 3-section adjustable telescopic rod
Pitch of sound is directly proportional to size and proximity of metal
Sensitivity control for locating metals of all sizes
Auto calibration-does not require zero adjustment
Long lasting piezo-electric internal transducer
Headphone is also provided to exclude external noise
Reliable pulse-induction technology
Fast and accurate location of buried metals
Re-chargeable Ni/MH batteries with built-in SMPS charger
CVS 02 Construction - ABS Moulded Search head Powder Coated Cabinets.
Power - 2 × 1.2 Volt Ni-cd/Dry Cells.
Detection - Audio signal through piezo electric buzzer.
Indication - On & Low Battery through common LED.